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You may or may not remember that my lot in life is living with a body full of auto-immune diseases. It’s just my reality and I don’t waste much time thinking about them and I certainly don’t waste any time in regrets about having them or in wishes about being in possession of someone else’s body.

Still, sometimes the reality of having the diseases confronts me and I remember that I do have to be responsible for managing them.

Heat can trigger unpleasant reactions to some of my conditions. So if there are ever any days when I can venture outside, summertime does not contain those days.

I live in central Florida, and our summers are end-to-end days of fully humid, fully blistering heat. Thank God for air conditioning.

Last week, in the middle of July, my air conditioning went out. Yes. It died. Pulled up daisies. Went six feet under. Croaked. Passed. Bit the dust.

And I had to get on the internet, and the phone, and find myself an air conditioning company near me that offered emergency A/C service and 24 hour A/C service.

Rheem Trane and Other HVAC Systems Repair Centers

I found one called World Class A/C. They said they serviced all major manufacturer a/c systems, including Rheem, Trane, and could work on the stuff installed by Del-Aire. That sounded good, because I’ve got Rheem equipment.

This company can handle both central FL residential A/C as well as central FL commercial A/C, so I figured they must know their stuff.

But just in case, I also googled HVAC companies near me, and best A/C company in St. Cloud: which was, and best A/C company in Orlando and central Florida A/C company. Yeah, I wanted to cover all of my bases!

But I kept coming back to World Class A/C as the people that sounded like the right ones to do the job.

I called them up and got right through to a live person. None of this, “For English press 1, for Spanish press 2,” stuff, or funneling me through 15 people, or putting me on hold and making me listen to excruciating elevator music.

Nope. I got right through and spoke to someone who was able to listen to my whole story and get someone scheduled to come out to my place within two hours.

Two hours! So great.

The next great thing was that before two hours was up, a person from World Class A/C actually showed up! Astounding!

The guy was able to look at the unit outside and the components inside and figure out what was wrong. The compressor (unfortunately).

He had the parts in his truck and was able to get the whole thing fixed within the next couple of hours.

It’s true, the afternoon was very uncomfortable—kind of like lying inside an oven, baking alongside the batch of chocolate chip cookies. But still, by the end of the afternoon, my a/c was up and running again, and within an hour or two the house was back to humanly tolerable conditions.

So I just wanted to give a shout out to World Class A/C, because they put me out of my misery with their quick and excellent service!

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