Cleaned Up the Front of my Home Today

lawn care

lawn care

Making your home and aesthetically pleasing

Just wanted to give you a heads-up that I got some pretty wicked advice from curb appeal fixers. www.curbappealfixerscom  Hey give me some wonderful advice when it comes to making sure that my house and home looks Great on the outside. What the main things is to make sure that the house has clean lines. It is easy to overlook this because we are so used to looking at homes.

Clean Lines

One way that you can do this is simple. Take the ruler out with you in front of the house and hold it up next to the house and see if the lines look like they make 90° across the front of the house. Look at things like the roof, the walls, the door frame, the garage door, trim, molding, and even bushes and plants.

If you hold the roller visually in the middle of the plants you’ll see whether or not to make a straight line.

Take out a piece of paper and make notes and establish whether or not you think or feel that the lines are exactly centered. What you should get very clear on is: which areas are not centered, not straight, and not at 90° angles to other parts of the home, you can then make decisions whether you need to call in a repair person or whether you may indeed tackle it yourself.

For the DIY in all of us, oftentimes you can create optical illusions by modifying something else that is close by. For example if you notice that the lines are not exactly straight you may be able to modify or change the angle of your molding/Trim to offset the imbalance for the appearance of an area that doesn’t lineup.

Power Cleaning

Next you’ll want to make sure that you pressure wash any areas that look dingy, dirty or simply have lost their shine. It maybe necessary to go over those areas with pain after you have finished your pressure washing job. Obviously you wouldn’t want to paint the driveway, but making sure that is pressure washed and cleaned has an overall aesthetic impact.

Another important area to consider is to make sure that there’re no unsightly weeds in the front yard. Often times we overlook these things thinking that since there’s insignificance it won’t matter. For The human eye perceives more than the conscious brain is aware off and if you delete these types of things in your yard, you will do yourself a favor and those that arrive at your home as well.

Let your home give you an overwhelming sense of well-being and peace by making sure that the curb appeal is solid. Thanks for stopping by! Fran

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