Cycle of the Universe



Living in Harmony: My Philosophy for the day.

Personally, I think it’s very cool how the universe works. If you think about it, it’s like a living thing! Parts exchanging pieces and parts, building and tearing down.

I think it’s truly amazing to look at our universe. We’re just so small! Our sun is the largest thing in our solar system, and it’s not even that big compared to the other stars out there. The way everything fits together, it can’t be random. It just can’t.

Take a quick second and think about how a plant works. It starts as a seed, it forms together and gathers nutrients from the surrounding area. It starts to grow, starts bringing material from the soil and converting it into something wonderful.

The plant starts to take root and the stem pops right out of the soil. It’s taken the dirt and dust and made it into new life. Eventually it decays though, as does everything. The materials run out, the leaves fall off, it wilts and dies.

But fear not! As the lovely plant dies, it doesn’t go to waste. The plant dies and becomes the soil again. Yes, it may be dirt and dust, but it’s not worthless. The cycle starts again, a new plant is born out of the dirt and soil. A new plant rises out of the death of another. Like a Phoenix from the myths.

A star erupts, bursting, blinding. No longer able to maintain nuclear fusion, it collapses, and then explodes. A supernova.

Supernovas are visible from earth, sometimes with the naked eye, even if it just looks like a mere twinkle in the sky.

Interesting fact, if you think about it, the supernovas we see, watch, and study, have happened millions of years ago. The stars we know and love may have already died, millions and millions of years ago, we just don’t know it yet.

Back to the point, Supernovas. A star explodes, casting dust and particles of gas over a vast area of the void. It creates what we call a Nebula. A huge cloud of stardust, floating in the eternal abyss, a remnant of a beautiful sun.

Somewhere, deep in the center of this Nebula, the dust and gas starts to clump. It slowly comes together, gathering more dust and gas as its mass increases. It grows and grows, slowly, over the course of thousands or millions of years.

Eventually, it gets so large, the gravity becomes too much for the surrounding nebula, and the clump sucks the rest of it in, starting a process of nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion releases tons of energy, in the form of light and heat. A star is born.

Do you see what I’m getting at? The nebula and the dirt. The Dust clump and the seed. Both gathering resources from their surroundings. Both growing and growing until they become something beautiful.

But it doesn’t end there, and that’s the amazing thing about the universe. The plant dies. The star dies. The plant becomes dirt, becomes soil. The star, it becomes a Nebula.

The cycle goes on. The universe is a wonderful place, at all levels.

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